Law of 100

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Merriman #youbfit Law Of 100’s


  1. Eat a maximum of 100 grams of Carbs a day
  2. Consume 100 ozs of Water a Day
  3. Get 100 minutes of movement each week
  4. Get 100 extra minutes of sleep or more a week

100 grams of Carbs a day 

To stay below 100 grams of carbs for the day. Track using the MyFitnessPal App and track your carbs each day to ensure that you are coming in around 100 grams. You may want to experiment with different sizes of meals and snacks, noting how you feel throughout the day.

Top Habits and Tasks:

  1. Schedule a specific time for weekly meal planning and to stock up on anything you need.
  2. Add a fruit or vegetable to every meal or snack.
  3. Carry healthy snacks with you in your bag or purse.
  4. Double the recipe for a healthy meal and use the leftovers over the next few days.
  5. Food prep over the weekend to plan for the week.

Consume 100 ozs of water a day

Tracking your ounces doesn’t have to be problematic: if you have a favorite water bottle or a big thirty-two-ounce tumbler, for instance, just make sure you drink three of these. Notice how much more satisfied you feel and how your energy perks up and how much easier your food choices are becoming.

Top Habits and Tasks:

  1. Drink one full glass of water upon waking.
  2. Get a new water bottle or tumbler to keep with you.
  3. Set alarms on your phone to remind you to drink water at set points throughout the day.
  4. Drink a full glass of water before each meal.
  5. Use the habit loop to drop soda, regular, and diet completely. 

Get 100 minutes of movement each week

There is a difference between exercise and movement  Add 100 minutes to your movement baseline this week, and notice how moving more makes it easier to keep moving. You can get your 100 minutes by adding walks, but also by cleaning the house, gardening, dancing while you cook dinner, or playing outside with the kids.

Top Habits and Tasks:

  1. Set alarms to remind you to get up every thirty minutes (or use a wearable device that vibrates to remind you to move when you’ve been sedentary too long).
  2. Add walking to your commute.
  3. Ask a friend to join you for a walk.
  4. Get a wearable device, pedometer, or app that counts steps on your phone.
  5. Take a fifteen-minute walk after dinner.

Get 100 extra minutes of sleep or more a week 

Sleep is your body’s essential recovery time. Without it, you will battle fatigue and sluggishness, alongside wild hormone swings that hound you to eat. Create conditions that support quality sleep. Examine your bedtime routine, and allow yourself to wind down at night. Begin to play around with the amount of sleep you get to discover your perfect amount—and then work to protect it and ensure you are getting that amount regularly. You can get your 100 extra minutes in no time by getting to sleep just fifteen minutes earlier.

Top Habits and Tasks:

  1. Begin dimming lights two hours before bedtime.
  2. Set the alarm for thirty minutes before you want to be in bed to remind you to start getting ready.
  3. Ban screens from the bedroom.
  4. Stop using a smartphone as an alarm, so you are not tempted to browse the web at night or first thing in the morning.
  5. Read before bed instead of watching TV.

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